Loralee A. Carter 
LCSW, CA #66407

Santa Rosa, CA   Menlo Park, CA

Adjunctive Services


I provide very specialized services for people who are “ stuck “ in their primary or couples therapy due repetitive neurobiological "looping" due to past traumatic experiences, developmental disruptions, dissociation,  and attachment difficulties.

 My work is focused on  resolving traumatic memory evidenced by the dissolution of disturbances in daily life. Depression, recurrent anxiety, dissociative structures, avoidance, intolerance of closeness, numbing, addictions, sleep disturbances, panic attacks, relationship dysfunction with self and others are some of the notable disturbances. In addition traumatic relating due to disorganized attachment patterns can also resolve.  New learning within limbic structures subsequently allow greater emotional accessibility to clients and greater internal stability. Both evidenced in my recent research with my intensives.

When you refer a client to me for specialized trauma care please know I am not an option as a primary therapist I find the “adjunct “position very useful.  People know they will see me for specific services and it does not disrupt their attachment with their primary therapist.  If you want to refer someone and want me in the role as a primary therapist I also provide that role for clients.

I provide services with research based methods.  I use EMDR extensively.  I prefer to work in extended sessions for the client benefit.  This can be 2,3 or 4 hour sessions.  I also can work in 50 minute sessions.  I developed intensive services in 2005 in response to a request by the Dr Phil Show.  These involve three days and 14 hours of time, followed by an additional four hours to be scheduled at a later date to follow up and determine the best aftercare plan for each specific client.  The changes for this type of treatment is permanent, it does not have to be repeated over and over.  If new traumatic material emerges there may be more treatment needed.

I work with individuals and couples with the intensive modality.  I require half of my fee at the time of scheduling and the other half the day of the intensive at the beginning of the session.  I do not take credit cards and I do not for any reason ever bill insurance companies.

Intensives are a very effective alternative to outpatient services requiring travel and time away from family, not to mention the expenses involved in addition to treatment. People also receive a very thorough trauma assessment, they develop their specific goals in contrast to once a week of individual therapy time and maybe 20 minutes of emdr.  We heal traumatic wounds.  At least 10-15 hours of our time is doing EMDR.  I provide these services in Santa Rosa where I have more flexibility for this time commitment.

I have two slots a month open for intensives.

Ideally meeting with you and your client(s) for an initial hour long meeting is extremely valuable.  This way we are all on the same team from the beginning working together for the best outcomes possible. I have an office in Menlo Park the address is 885 Oak Grove Ave Suite 301B.  I sublet Margee Wapman’s office her name is on the door.  I am there Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  I also have an office at 12 60 N Dutton Ave. Suite 120 in Santa Rosa.  Please know I will respond to you in emails and texts if you choose. You run the risk of unsecured privacy issues.  I return calls within 48 hours.

Thank you for considering my services as a resource for your clients.

Best Wishes,

Loralee ( Lori ) Carter, LCSW 66407