Loralee A. Carter 
LCSW, CA #66407

Santa Rosa, CA   Menlo Park, CA



​What is an intensive?  

An intensive is a therapy model designed for specific therapeutic benefit.  It is an outpatient service that I designed 13 years ago in response to a client need for immediate , effective intervention as a alternative to in patient services.

Who benefits from an intensive?

Outpatient intensives benefit people who are in crisis. It is another option for people who have " tried everything" and are not experiencing fulling and satisfying, successful change from long standing patterns due to traumatic experience and traumatic relationship.

In addition an outpatient intensive benefits people who do not have the time or finances to go to a month long inpatient service and pay for it.  It is also another option for people who need a service in between inpatient and single hour outpatient services.

Intensives help with "stuck, embedded" patterns that seriously interfere with relationship in partnerships with self care and work situations. 

How is and intensive scheduled?

I always require an intake and assessment.  This involves a standard psycho-social intake, a trauma assessment and a couple of psychological measures so you and I can determine what you will benefit the most from. We decide together at the end of the assessment what service I offer is most suitable for you.

Intensives can be scheduled during the week or on the weekends.

Intensive Therapy and EMDR

Psychodynamic models are used in therapy coupled with extensive use of EMDR. For more information on EMDR please look on the EMDRIA.org website.

I have been an EMDR certified clinican and consultant for 20 years.