Loralee A. Carter 
LCSW, CA #66407

Santa Rosa, CA   Menlo Park, CA

Establishing a Plan
I require an initial intake; this includes a standard psycho-social intake paired with a trauma assessment. The intake usually takes 1.5 to 2.0 hours. Following the intake we discuss what level of treatment would most suit your personal needs. This may include the usual 50 minute appointment, two hour sessions, four hour sessions or three day intensives both for individuals and couples. The intensives include two four hour days and one six hour day. There are an additional four hours offered however the client decides for follow-up.

The intensive format was developed by me sixteen years ago when I provided my treatment to a participant on the Dr Phil Show. Since this time I have worked with hundreds of clients within this format who have experienced transformative permanent results.

Fees are based on the type of service deemed most appropriate for you. Payment is required at the beginning of each session. I do not bill insurance nor do I accept credit cards.  A 72 hour cancellation notice is required. If you fail to show up for a session or cancel a full fee will be required at the time of the next appointment. Intensives require 1000.00 at the time of scheduling, other half will be required on the first day of the intensive.  If you fail to arrive for your scheduled intensive or cancel within two weeks of the service you forfeit your downpayment.

Who I Treat‚Äč
Anyone with Recurrent Destructive Life Patterns: Inability to tolerate feelings, long standing emotional pain and grief, intense states of anxiety and panic, anger and rage reactions inappropriate for the situation, inability to tolerate closeness in relationship, addictions, chronic pain, nightmares, sleep disturbances, shame, loneliness, flashbacks, phantom pain, chronic numbing, inappropriate response to everyday situations, inability to self protect or identify unsafe situations or people, recurrent difficulties with partners, parents, children, siblings, employers, colleagues, chronic unhappiness.

Population groups: Adults, adolescents, children.  Anyone who experiences recurrent disturbing past experience which contains overwhelming old feeling or numbness which constantly compromises the quality of present life.  I have also had experience with Military personnel, contractors, law enforcement, fire personnel and paramedics. 

Adolescents and Children: I work with the full age range of children and adolescents from six months old to 18 years of age. The range of issues have included accidents, abuse and neglect, serious medical illness and surgery, international adoptions, family violence, grief and loss, school difficulties, self esteem issues, behavioral issues.I require an intake with a guardian present. I do extended sessions and modified intensives for children and teens.

Adults: Many of the adults I see for trauma work are in individual and/or marriage therapy, I provide adjunct specialized services, I provide trauma services and work closely with your primary therapist. Individuals are referred to me when they feel stuck in lifelong patterns due to traumatic, overwhelming experiences which can inhibit the effectiveness of normal therapeutic processes. I use research based methods which promote memory re-consolidation, producing breakthrough, transformative results that are lasting and permanent. 

You may contact Lori A. Carter at traumatreasures@gmail.com or call  (707) 396-4692 for more information or to schedule an initial consultation.

Services & Fees