Loralee A. Carter 
LCSW, CA #66407

Santa Rosa, CA   Menlo Park, CA


What Others Are Saying About Working With Lori Carter...

"Lori Carter has a unique approach which yields effective results for a variety of individuals who struggle with the effects of trauma, even for those who feel thoroughly stuck or hopeless. Lori’s years of study with Dr. Bessel van der Kolk of the Boston Trauma Center have given her an unparalleled understanding of trauma’s impact on the brain and body, and she uses her knowledge and experience to craft a treatment especially targeted for the person and situation. I have worked with Lori for a number of years, and have recommended her to a variety of individuals for successful treatment. Clients feel cared for and understood, like finally somebody 'gets' them."  ~ Dr. Judy Tiesel, Ph.D.

"The paths to healing are many. Doing EMDR with Lori Carter was an essential one for me. The work I did with Lori touched every part of me.  Bearing a traumatic wound distorts so much. Living lighter and more clearly was beyond comphrehension.  Yet this is exactly what happened for me with Lori Carter and EMDR. As I progressed, I realized that, while 'slow and steady' might work well for others, I needed something more. The "intensives" that Lori offers were my answer.  It was the only time in my life I had a chance to 'fast forward' successfully. Afterwards it took awhile to learn to live in my new self. As I did, I found the positives were permanantly rooted.  I discovered a 'me' living life in unimaginably peaceful ways. Whatever the source of your wound, the damage need not be permanant. This has been my experience working with Lori." ~ B. (Client)

"The two clients I have referred experienced a significant decrease in reported symptoms, including depression, anxiety, emotional pain, negative thinking, and shame. One, a professional musician, noted a marked decrease in performance anxiety and an increase of comfort and confidence performing in public.  The other, a designer, noted an increased ability to access creativity and inspiration." ~ C.H. (Therapist)
"My experience began with my journey to the center of my heart, where I found many shards of my broken self.  I learned that I am more than the shambles of my past. I found strength in the many women whom make up the composite of me: my warrior self, my mother self, my scientist self, even my sex goddess self!!  Through learning to draw on these different aspects, I found a way to make sense of my experiences , and to conquer the dark self defeating aspects of my soul.  I found that the center of my heart is actually a beautiful place, one where I feel safe and content." ~ A.G. (Client)

"Out of a foggy sleep I awake,
refreshed with new air,
the lungs to my heart and soul are free and clear.
Thank you God 
for my beautiful baby
and my breath of fresh air.
A bright light of reality of innocence
and purity of heart and soul.
A mother now motivated to heal all around.
For my daughter, myself and family abound.
I see the light
through my daughter's eyes now.
God it feels so good to breathe, wow." ~ L. (Client)

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